The team went off in 3 groups, the “Bodge it and Scarper” diy team went off to fix the house we saw yesterday, another team went off deliver more food parcels and another went to price up school bags.

We fixed the door with plastic and secured it with a couple of bolts and a padlock. The back door was secured with a couple of padlocks, which now stops anyone breaking in through the hole in the back wall.

The dripping tap was fixed and this will reduce the cost of water for the family as the supply is on a water meter.

A new lock has been fitted to the front gate.

Stuart – “it’s nice to see the construction job done”

There is apparently one street with about 10 families and lots of kids who cannot go to school as they don’t have a school bag. We decided to get 20 school bags and the paper books and pencils needed to fill them. We shopped around the town to find the best price.

More food parcels were delivered. We have have now delivered 10 food parcels in total.

We visited Lammy’s family, who now are living next to a family with a young mum and a baby. The mum is 17 years old and was not sure how to look after the baby, so Lammy’s wife was showing her how to care for it.

Their stove was rusted and full of holes.

Jan – “it’s good to see families who have so little blessing other families”

Norma – “how blessed I am”

Kajmelina, Suzanna and Dianna cooked a traditional Borak lunch for us. It is a kind of pie, cooked in a large round oven, made with feta cheese, egg and spinach.

Andy bought 10 school bags to start with and found those on sale. He then walked back to church. He then walked all the way back again later to get another 10. By the time we went back to get all then pens and pencils later in the day Andy was almost on first name terms with the counter staff in the shop.

We went and bought a new stove to be shared between Lammy’s family and the young family next door and delivered some baby milk and nappies.

One of the houses we visited had cockroaches climbing the walls

Emma – “I feel all itchy after that house”

Emma found out that you can kill cockroaches with fabric softener in a spray bottle.